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Group Rules

Submissions are limited to 5 a day.

What we DO NOT accept

Fan-based characters or Fan art are not allowed.
Fan-based characters however, are allowed in the ADOPTABLES folder

These are characters created to fit into an already existing world, such as Naruto fan-based characters, or any other already existing and well known world.
We are a group dedicated to original characters. We do understand that in many cases characters may have been slightly influenced by certain things, this is ok, but blatant fan-based characters are not welcome here.

:bulletblack: For now we only accept fine art submissions not literature. Character references may contain text in the description, this is totally fine, but there MUST be a visual element.

:bulletblack: No species guides please, there are plenty of groups for those.

:bulletblack: Unfinished doodles are not accepted, as is anything on LINED PAPER or anything which is poorly scanned or photographed.

What we DO accept
:bulletblack: We accept all mediums except lit for the time being. We also accept all skill levels so please you are more than welcome to pop in.

:bulletblack: If you decide to submit work FROM someone else (eg. you do not draw but someone has drawn your character for you) please request the original artist's permission before submitting yourself.

:bulletblack: We do accept character cross-overs and encourage them! We also encourage you to submit any gift art you may have done in appreciation of another deviant's characters.

:bulletblack: We do accept animal characters and anthro characters, however in terms of when we have trades or cross-over challenges, we do expect animal artists or anthro artists to embrace the idea that they may at one point have to draw someone's human character. This also goes for those who focus on human characters also.

:bulletblack: We do accept mature content.

:bulletblack: We are all for respecting the work of others, each character and idea is the legal copyright of its owner and we do not appreciate thieves.


Group Info

Got an OC you're proud of? Why not show them off here? A group dedicated to original characters and those who love them.
Founded 2 Years ago
Apr 1, 2012


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216 Members
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9,281 Pageviews
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Prompt-banner by Sleyf

RebekahKroeplin suggested the prompt for this round!

"Your OC has spent the past FIVE YEARS in complete seclusion from the real world.  When returning to human civilization, reality checks in.

Where was your OC for all these years?  An apartment?  A house in the forest?  Some remote island?  How do your OC's friends and family react to the sudden return?  Did they know where he/she was?
Also, how has your OC changed?  What was your OC's big reason for leaving society? . . . Was he/she maybe protecting loved ones?

Go BIG or go home!  Draw this scenario out, whether showing your character in utter seclusion or the reactions from one or many of your OC's family and friend had when they meet again.  Again, why did your OC leave?  Why did he/she come back?  The possibilities are endless!"

'Homecoming Hermits'

Deadline: September 30th

:salute: Regardless of how many entries we get, the prompts shall continue! :salute:


Previous prompts

All our previous prompts will be listed here for future reference.  If you ever feel lacking in inspiration or something to draw, maybe you'll find something interesting here!

:bulletpink: Beachwear Bonanza
:bulletpink: Rockin' Out
:bulletpink: Animal Lovers Unite
:bulletpink: Frenemies Forever
:bulletpink: The Greatest Fear
:bulletpink: The Greatest Dream Come True
:bulletpink: The Awkward Moment When
:bulletpink: Cosplay Capers
:bulletpink: All The World's a Stage
:bulletpink: Baby Boom
:bulletpink: The Saddest Episode of Their Lives
:bulletpink: Are you a Dumbass?
:bulletpink: Anachronistic Fantastic
:bulletpink: Mythical Mayhem
:bulletpink: The Mystic box of Mystical Mystery
:bulletpink: Dream-Machine Madness
:bulletpink: The Hangout
:bulletpink: Paparazzi


Be sure to mention the prompt in your deviation description and when we're all done we'll have a wee vote on the best one.

What is a Prompt Challenge
Well, a prompt challenge is when a word or phrase is suggested and then artwork is drawn according to that word or phrase.  It can be anything you like, a famous quote or line from a novel or movie, it can be a description—anything really.

What can you draw?
Anything that springs to mind when you hear the prompt!  Of course as we are an OC group it would have to include your original characters too.  You might choose to illustrate the prompt literally, or go a little abstract with it.  You can present it as a comic or just a single scene or drawing (yes you can add text as well!), just as long as it's a fine art piece and not lit.
You can submit as many pieces as come to mind, please be aware however of giving others a chance.

What do you get out of it?
Well aside from a little diversion to whatever projects you may have running, the prompt challenge will hopefully get you thinking a little out of the box and present you with little snippets of inspiration if you're feeling at a loss with something to draw.

Do you win anything?
For now, unfortunately not, however the best (or should I say) most entertaining outcome will get to suggest the next prompt and a feature!  Think of it as an ongoing activity if you're ever low on ideas.  This isn't a contest, it's a challenge which means you challenging yourself to draw something at the prompt.

:bulletyellow:  :bulletorange:  :bulletpink:  :bulletpurple:  :bulletyellow:  :bulletorange:  :bulletpink:  :bulletpurple:  :bulletyellow:  :bulletorange:  :bulletpink:  :bulletpurple:  :bulletyellow:  :bulletorange:  :bulletpink:  :bulletpurple:

Trading-list by Sleyf

As is tradition, our Trade-off trading list is now open!  For anyone wishing to participate in this round, please let us know!  One thing I would ask of anyone wishing to take part is that they DO actually draw their own work and are willing to try new things that they may not necessarily be confident in drawing.

The last thing I want is someone noting me and saying "I can't draw so-and-so's request because I don't draw animals/humans".  Please be aware of what you are agreeing to before deciding to trade. Once you put yourself forward, you are expected to deliver, your partner deserves as much.

There is no deadline for trades to be completed, however if you DO wish to take part in the next trade-off then we ask that you complete your previous trade beforehand.

Please comment here if you would like to enter so I can write your name down

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