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Group Rules


Submissions are limited to 5 a day and MUST be related to an original character, or an original world (eg, maps or towns) - if no information is mentioned about the character, then it will be assumed that it is general art and will be declined.

What we DO NOT accept

Fan-based characters or Fan art are not allowed.
Fan-based characters however, are allowed in the ADOPTABLES folder IF they are adopts ONLY

These are characters created to fit into an already existing world, such as Naruto fan-based characters, or any other already existing and well known world.
We are a group dedicated to original characters. We do understand that in many cases characters may have been slightly influenced by certain things, this is ok, but blatant fan-based characters are not welcome here.

:bulletblack: For now we only accept fine art submissions not literature. Character references may contain text in the description, this is totally fine, but there MUST be a visual element.

:bulletblack: No species guides please, there are plenty of groups for those.

:bulletblack: Unfinished doodles are not accepted, as is anything on LINED PAPER or anything which is poorly scanned or photographed.

What we DO accept
:bulletblack: We accept all mediums except lit for the time being. We also accept all skill levels so please you are more than welcome to pop in.

:bulletblack: If you decide to submit work FROM someone else (eg. you do not draw but someone has drawn your character for you) please request the original artist's permission before submitting yourself.

:bulletblack: We do accept character cross-overs and encourage them! We also encourage you to submit any gift art you may have done in appreciation of another deviant's characters.

:bulletblack: We do accept animal characters and anthro characters, however in terms of when we have trades or cross-over challenges, we do expect animal artists or anthro artists to embrace the idea that they may at one point have to draw someone's human character. This also goes for those who focus on human characters also.

:bulletblack: We do accept mature content.

:bulletblack: We are all for respecting the work of others, each character and idea is the legal copyright of its owner and we do not appreciate thieves.




Group Info

Got an OC you're proud of? Why not show them off here? A group dedicated to original characters and those who love them.
Founded 3 Years ago
Apr 1, 2012


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267 Members
245 Watchers
11,554 Pageviews
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Explore-your-oc-banner by Sleyf

This prompt was suggested by our winner from the last one ExplosiveCoffee

Character Exploration Prompt no.3

"Guilty Pleasures"

Deadline - June 13th (extension on demand)

    "Everyone has their guilty pleasures - things they shouldn't do but love to do, things they shouldn't eat but have a special horde of beside the bed (speaking from experience of course) - why should OCs be any different?
    Perhaps your character's guilty pleasure is something totally unusual, like shark wrestling (they get a kick out of flirting with death obviously!), or perhaps it's something pedestrian like licking the mixing bowl when no one is around to see.  Maybe your OC is a jerk and gets a thrill out of harassing people, or maybe, being kind and generous and donating to charity is a secret pleasure your evil warlord gets when not out warlording (but feels guilty about!  He's so conflicted!).
    Does your character's guilty pleasure have a huge impact on their storyline or those around them?  Do they have a penchant for picking up random glittery jewels to add to their collection of shiny-things, only for one of them to be the Mighty Gem of Power sought after by the forces of evil?  Or is their guilty pleasure simply...well just a guilty pleasure!

Whatever it may be, show us!"

As with previous prompt challenges, these will be put up for vote via member selection - only this time, I hope to also offer points for the "winner" - who will then also be asked to offer up the next CEP challenge.

Please remember to let me know if you'll be joining, so I know how many pics to look out for - a deadline update will be posted again, as usual, to remind you of deadlines or reminders.

:star: Please submit to the "Character Prompts" Folder - which will now be re-opened :star:

:bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple:

Trading-list by Sleyf

As is tradition, our Trade-off trading list is now open! For anyone wishing to participate in this round, please let us know! One thing I would ask of anyone wishing to take part is that they DO actually draw their own work and are willing to try new things that they may not necessarily be confident in drawing.

The last thing I want is someone noting me and saying "I can't draw so-and-so's request because I don't draw animals/humans". Please be aware of what you are agreeing to before deciding to trade. Once you put yourself forward, you are expected to deliver, your partner deserves as much.

There is no deadline for trades to be completed, however if you DO wish to take part in the next trade-off then we ask that you complete your previous trade beforehand.

Please comment here if you would like to enter so I can write your name down

:bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple:
Oc-dare by Sleyf

New Activity

How Does it Work?
Well to begin with, this is a trial feature, so if it catches on in popularity it may change.  As with most of our activities, this relies a lot on participation and to some extent suggestions - so the dares are only as daring as the suggestions or ideas.
Every other month, a new dare will be set for you and your OCs to take part in.  There are no prizes for this alas, only the reward of entertainment (hopefully).  These challenges may dare your OC to do something, or it may be a dare to draw your OC in a certain way, activity, or theme.
Again it all depends on suggestions or what ideas are presented.

Take part and Dare
Perhaps you have a whole bunch of dares you'd love to put to people?  Well why not huh?  All suggestions are welcome, and perhaps you may be crowned King or Queen of the Dares for suggesting some good ones - or even Dare champion, for accepting!  The possibilities are endless.

So as per usual, I shall start this round (sorry no little doodles to go with this)

I dare you to:

"Draw your character(s) as old aged pensioners"


And just to amp it up a fraction and go all out with that smooth grandpa style, I dare you to add at least one of the following into your picture (you don't have to, this is just a bonus addition)

1. Some form of mobility aid to help your O.A.P get around in their busy mature lives (zimmer frame, mobility scooter, geriatric loyal steed...)

1aef7db4d7f3ca53700f60f19f23b67d by Sleyf

2. A fancy hair rinse of a stylish shade because your OC is a hip chick still rocking her own unique style

Slocombe247x165 by Sleyf
(Image source…)

3. Removable False Teeth (perfect to mesmerise or threaten the grandchildren with)

False-teeth-insura 1380089i by Sleyf
(Image source…}

4 - RANDOM *BONUS BONUS* ADDITION - A Shell Suit - just because!  Your OCs like to stay in vogue...

80scostumes by Sleyf
(Image source…)

Don't forget, suggestions are welcome! Just send the group a note with dares or activity ideas.

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