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Group Rules


Submissions are limited to 5 a day and MUST be related to an original character, or an original world (eg, maps or towns) - if no information is mentioned about the character, then it will be assumed that it is general art and will be declined.

What we DO NOT accept

Fan-based characters or Fan art are not allowed.
Fan-based characters however, are allowed in the ADOPTABLES folder IF they are adopts ONLY

These are characters created to fit into an already existing world, such as Naruto fan-based characters, or any other already existing and well known world.
We are a group dedicated to original characters. We do understand that in many cases characters may have been slightly influenced by certain things, this is ok, but blatant fan-based characters are not welcome here.

:bulletblack: For now we only accept fine art submissions not literature. Character references may contain text in the description, this is totally fine, but there MUST be a visual element.

:bulletblack: No species guides please, there are plenty of groups for those.

:bulletblack: Unfinished doodles are not accepted, as is anything on LINED PAPER or anything which is poorly scanned or photographed.

What we DO accept
:bulletblack: We accept all mediums except lit for the time being. We also accept all skill levels so please you are more than welcome to pop in.

:bulletblack: If you decide to submit work FROM someone else (eg. you do not draw but someone has drawn your character for you) please request the original artist's permission before submitting yourself.

:bulletblack: We do accept character cross-overs and encourage them! We also encourage you to submit any gift art you may have done in appreciation of another deviant's characters.

:bulletblack: We do accept animal characters and anthro characters, however in terms of when we have trades or cross-over challenges, we do expect animal artists or anthro artists to embrace the idea that they may at one point have to draw someone's human character. This also goes for those who focus on human characters also.

:bulletblack: We do accept mature content.

:bulletblack: We are all for respecting the work of others, each character and idea is the legal copyright of its owner and we do not appreciate thieves.




Group Info

Got an OC you're proud of? Why not show them off here? A group dedicated to original characters and those who love them.
Founded 3 Years ago
Apr 1, 2012


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245 Members
230 Watchers
10,686 Pageviews
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Updates-and-reminders by Sleyf

Don't forget to enter out brand new "Character Exploration Prompt Challenge".
There will be a point prize! (donations always welcome on my userpage too lol)
Just as a reminder of the prompt:

Character Exploration Prompt no.1


Deadline - March 21st (extension on demand)
"Every character has a beginning. For most natural creatures, this may start with being born, for others, it is when they were created, resurrected, summoned, or built. Regardless of your character's form, be it organic, man-made, ethereal, or supernatural, they all began life in some way.

Your task, is to show us that first moment of their lives. Who are their parents? Was your character expected, anticipated, welcomed into the world with love and care - or were they an accident of nature or science, were they feared or dreaded? How did they appear, did they emerge from the earth in a natural disaster, did they fall from the sky, did they break free of a genetic mutation lab?
Show us the very seeds of their existence, and feel free to tell us more about the people who were there when your character first became a concious being. Were they made or born for a great purpose? Or did they start off life, as just another person in the great wide world? You can draw us a family portrait if you like, or introduce us to the people who created them, or summoned them, or found them.

This prompt is broad, and beginnings don't always start with birth. Perhaps your character was awakened? Or discovered, or given sentience through magic - in that case, show us the moment they "emerged" who was there - if anyone?
Have fun with this, and think of it as an exploration into the beginnings of your character, if you don't already know how it started."
:bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple:

Trading-list by Sleyf

As is tradition, our Trade-off trading list is now open! For anyone wishing to participate in this round, please let us know! One thing I would ask of anyone wishing to take part is that they DO actually draw their own work and are willing to try new things that they may not necessarily be confident in drawing.

The last thing I want is someone noting me and saying "I can't draw so-and-so's request because I don't draw animals/humans". Please be aware of what you are agreeing to before deciding to trade. Once you put yourself forward, you are expected to deliver, your partner deserves as much.

There is no deadline for trades to be completed, however if you DO wish to take part in the next trade-off then we ask that you complete your previous trade beforehand.

 Please comment here if you would like to enter so I can write your name down

:bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletpink: :bulletpurple:

I have no fancy header for this section

Beautiful watercolour commissions

Agina is offering very low prices on A4 watercolour art, I have ordered one myself!  Please do make sure to read her journal, and also be considerate in your orders if you buy.

Commissions 2015 - A4 in colors for 15 euros I offer: 
- about A4-sized image
- in full colors (watercolor)
- ONE character
- simple background with some patterns
- Cost: 15 € in total. Posting price already included. Payment via PayPal (tai tilisiirto suomalaisille). 

Contact me by note (add title "Commission") or via e-mail
Name the character you want (remember to add reference links and images) and leave the rest to me.
If you want, you can also state your preferred choice of color.

Fantastic fantasy chibis

KiriRamdeo is offering chibis just for you, animal, human, or anthro!  Please check out her pricing, for chibis and full artwork.

Unicorn Chibis by KiriRamdeo
Commission Price Guide by KiriRamdeo2015 Themed Discounts by KiriRamdeo

Creative costume designs

InkyRose is offering sketch designs for points, be sure to check out her pricing if you're interested in a gown for your characters

Costume Design Points Commission Info by InkyRose
More Journal Entries


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